Skip Hire’s Environmental policies are well documented and practised within the organisation. Ship Hire’s core business is waste management and the most professional waste company in Botswana.

We comply closely with our environmental legislation and environmental authorities and their regulations (The Department Of Waste Management And Pollution Control). We continue to improve our waste collection systems making them as environmentally friendly as possible, we give our customers advise on better waste management solutions to help them manage their waste properly in the aim to lessen the impact environmental pollution.

Skip Hire staff have been trained to be aware of the environment where our business engages them and to carry out their jobs while complying with the environmental legislation and procedures at all times. Our vehicles are all “sealed units”, preventing any liquids from seeping onto the ground after wet wastes have been loaded into the back of the compactors. Our drivers are trained to minimise travelling distances, drive conservatively, not over rev engines so that we reduce our organisations carbon footprint on the environment.

Our vehicles are regularly washed and disinfected to reduce the spread of flies and limit malodours and all residue waste first passes through a drain separation system before it is discharged into the sewer system. Our in-house workshop ensures that preventative maintenance is carried out on all vehicles according to specific schedules, thus eliminating oil and diesel leaks into the environment.

Our vehicles are all tested annually for roadworthiness and this test also includes checking that exhaust gas emissions are within the specified parameters to reduce air pollution. Skip Hire will only disposes of the waste we collect at licensed disposal sites whether it is solid waste, liquid waste or clinical waste and will not dispose of environmental hazardous waste knowingly at any site.

Why Skip Hire?

Whether or not you believe size matters, you have come to the right place. Skip Hire provides services to very large corporate oganisations all the way down to a single household. No matter what your waste requirements might be, Skip Hire will assist with its removal – we also deliver fresh and irrigation water. So, if you want household, or industrial, waste management services, or your...

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